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Aab'e Dubai Bottled Drinking water

Aab'e Dubai comes from Roman Urdu with combination of English name of Dubai. It is bottled drinking water supplied all over UAE. Currently we export to Oman & other Gulf Countries, recently we have introduced Aab'e Dubai in Pakistan.


What’s Our Story

Welcome to Aab'e Dubai! Our journey began in 2014 amidst the vibrant energy of Dubai, and in 2016, we extended our story to the beautiful landscapes of Pakistan. Aab'e Dubai is more than a brand; it's a fusion of tradition and modernity. From the heart of the UAE to the diverse charm of Pakistan, our brand encapsulates the spirit of both regions.

Quality Check

Aab’e Dubai: Quality Checked, Excellence Ensured, Always

Filteration Level

Aab’e Dubai: Elevating Taste, Seven-Star Quality Filtered


Aab’e Dubai: Melding Beauty, Timeless Style, Signature Composition

Lab Control

Aab’e Dubai: Precision Assurance, Quality Certified by Lab

35 Years of Experience

We Deliver The Quality Water


We currently produce Aab'e Dubai in pet bottles in volume of 1500ml, 500ml, 250ml, 200ml bottles & 200ml cup. We have a distribution network which is spreaded in UAE, Oman and other Gulf Countries. We recently have launched Aab'e Dubai in Pakistan.

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What’s Our Story

We at Aab’e Dubai have a very experienced team in producing pure, safe & healthy bottled drinking water, where each team member is putting all their skilled efforts into fulfilling our consumer demand.

Mineral Addition

For Taste Perfection

Carbon Filter

Removes Ordor, Tastes &

Pre Filtration

Removes Large Particles


Increases Purification Efficency

Bottle inspection

Removes Mircobes

Polishing Filter

Catches smaller Particles


Removes Microbes




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Aab'e Dubai is a big trademark in today's market as we prioritize customer satisfaction.

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